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About Us

Knitter's Pride is a family owned enterprise that manufactures superior quality needlecraft tools and accessories.
Our company employs and supports 1,700+ workers. We are located in Jaipur, India, in an eco-compliant factory and campus.
Our respect and commitment for our employees and their welfare is equaled by our pride in the quality of our products.

Knitter's Pride Products

Manufacturing expertise, world-wide reach & trusted service has created Millions of Loyal Customers.

Our Values


The quality of our products is our #1 priority. That emphasis has made us one of the most popular and leading knitting needle and accessory manufacturer in the international needlework marketplace.


We are proud of the excellent reputation attained by our needles and products. As a team, we have a common goal: Excellent and reliable products. We work together to make that a reality.

Good Service

All Knitter's Pride employees are committed to serving a common aim: The highest standard of service. We respond quickly, ship on time and have a policy of immediate replacement for any products that fail to deliver as promised.


Knitter's Pride engineers are always on the look out for new product ideas and materials that meet the needs of our talented customers. We encourage the ideas of our team members, as well. If you have an idea, we would love to hear from you!


Knitter's Pride has total transparency in regard to our products, our business and manufacturing practices, our employment policies and our sustainability profile.

Business Ethics

Our ethical practices are reflected in our commitment to our employee's welfare, safety and education. We work with like-minded suppliers and deal with the industry's most respected distributors and retailers in order to bring our products to market.


We respect our workforce by providing them with services that support a comfortable and safe working environment. In addition to paying equal and fair market wages, we provide subsidised meals, worker transportation, workplace uniforms and job training to our personnel.


Knitter's Pride has grown exponentially as a result of our policy of excellence and service. An Increase in workforce numbers, production capabilities, technological improvements and product line expansion are proof positive of our commitment to the business and our customers.

Our fair practice ethics are embodied in the following standards:

We work together

We care for each other

We educate our people

We protect our land

We help make dreams come true

We try to make the world a better place


To provide our customers with superior needlecraft products.

To maintain a high standard of excellence for all our products.

To provide our employees with on-job training and education.

To honor our community of workers by providing them with fair wage employment.

To protect our environment as well as the land upon which we work.

Awards & Recognition

British Knitting Awards
British Knitting Awards
British Knitting Awards