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400+ Super Women
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Our People

We are extremely proud of the strong relationships that we have built with the people who work with us. Their dedication is a large factor in our company's success, and we feel a sense of responsibility for their well-being. Our founder has a strong commitment to the equal treatment of the women in our community. Knitter’s Pride employs over 1,700+ people. They receive equal wages, job education and company support in return for their service to Knitter’s Pride.

Khema has worked with us since we opened the factory. Her experience has allowed her to grow in responsibility and she now co-supervises one of our most important departments. Khema is the mother of 3 children, all of whom are receiving higher education thanks to the financial support of their parents.


Urmila work in our needle division is her first out of the home job. She has learned some valuable skills, which will help her, continue to grow in her job. As an income provider for her family, she has grown in confidence and pride. Her salary helps provide a better life for her 2 children.


Susma joined Knitter’s Pride in June 2014 after she moved from her village to Jaipur with her family. While her job requires a lot of concentration, Susma relishes the challenge of ensuring that only the best quality needles leave her work desk. Susma is proud of the fact that her income from Knitter’s Pride helped her contribute to her two son’s best education. Susma gets maximum satisfaction at seeing her sons excel at school and is thrilled hearing them speak in English. She is truly an asset for us.


The Real Wonder Women

This is a first job for many of the women employed by Knitter’s Pride. Most have never before worked outside their homes. It has been gratifying to see them flourish and grow in confidence.

We see our employee's satisfaction reflected in the community they have forged with one another while working as a team. When common interests and concerns are shared, friendships are formed and lives are enriched.

Work Force Pride

Our staff is proud of the superiority of our products. They work hard to maintain our reputation for quality. All our products are examined and rechecked, multiple times, to insure a high standard of performance.

We see our employee's satisfaction reflected in the community they have forged with one another while working side by side. In learning and working with one another, critical interpersonal skills are strengthened. This often results in friendships and ties that build a satisfying company spirit.

The Perks

We provide transportation services that make it easier for them to come to work. We subsidize meals and provide working uniforms, as well.